Posted by: bobroth | January 16, 2010

Such clarity!

Thoreau’s “meditation” on meditation

A dear friend, a long time meditator, who loves her practice, bemoans the fact that she still finds herself too often rushing around (and around and around) after this and after that…

The wise throughout the ages have sung the same silent song: ultimately (a big word, there, I know), what we are really looking for, what we are really seeking after, is right behind our closed eyes, at the depth of our Being…

Nevertheless our / my tendency is to run towards this—and run away from that—day after day, year after year, until life used up—and we miss the sweet truth, the clear transcendental reality, we were all born to experience.

Henry David Thoreau described beautifully what we are missing in his “meditation” on meditation:

“If with closed ears and eyes I consult consciousness for a moment, immediately are all walls and barriers dissipated, earth rolls from under me, and I float . . . in the midst of an unknown and infinite sea… We become like a still lake of purest crystal and without an effort our depths are revealed to ourselves…  Such clarity!”

Of course, it is not enough to just read Henry David’s words, we have to do something to experience what he experienced. That something is meditation. (

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