About Bob Roth

Bobby Roth is an educator, author, and meditation teacher for nearly 40 years. He serves as vice president of the David Lynch Foundation and works closely with David Lynch establishing and overseeing Foundation-sponsored Transcendental Meditation programs in schools, colleges, and universities; American Indian reservations (for tribe members who suffer from diabetes); prisons and rehab centers; and homeless shelters, as well as programs for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Bobby loves to travel for the Foundation, cares a bit too much (to his continued dismay) about the fate of the San Francisco Giants, and is mildly famous for baking during the cold winter months sticky-sweet cinnamon rolls for unsuspecting family and friends.

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  1. Love your blog, tweets & loving TM, which I’ve been doing for a little over 10 months.
    From your neighbor (I’m in Battery Park City)..
    PS-My 14 yr. old daughter is doing a HUGE 6-month school project on David Lynch. What would you suggest as the best way for her to reach him to maybe get a little quote or bit of encouragement? Thanks much.

  2. Very good! Continue!

  3. Me again. Is this article written by you- Bobby Roth? I’m trying to repost on my blog and on Facebook. Please suggest proper way to credit author.
    Also, where can I go for MORE info on this?

  4. Thanks for the informative and amusing updates on your travels. Loved the piece on going to church, study of religion is my academic background. Keep up the good work.

  5. Bob, Greetings from an old Texas friend: Nice to see the blog and read your great comments. My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing David Lynch and others at the benefit concert last year. I am so happy that the foundation is doing so much to bring TM to such a wide variety of needed venues.

  6. Bob ,
    My name is Linda Klock ( Jerry Yellin Calls me Lin ) , I am Dory’s Mom And I would love to let you know that the Operation Warrior Wellness and the TM program is a well needed tool for all . Our troops have suffered long enough with the going to war , being at war , and fighting the war in thier heads after coming home.
    They are afraid to speak about it becauce no one will understand , or alot of the times no one wants to hear it ! They try to get over it ,but it will never go away ! This is to thank all who are working so hard to get TM to the MEN & WOMAN WHO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY AND HELP DEFEND OTHER COUNTRYS . WAR IS HELL ON EARTH !

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