Posted by: bobroth | April 4, 2010


Bobby Von Trapp does Stowe, Vermont

After returning yesterday to NYC from a successful week-long sojourn for the David Lynch Foundation in London, I flew today to Burlington, Vermont, for a meeting Monday morning with the headmaster of a military school who is interested in the Foundation’s Quiet Time program for his students. On our way, we stopped in Stowe, Vermont, a majestically scenic winter ski resort town in the northern part of the state… Stowe is also the very famous home of the Von Trapp Family who fled Austria for America during World War II—a family made super famous by the film “Sound of Music” and starring, yes, my heart throb of yesteryear, Julie Andrews…

When in Stowe, we did what all tourists do. We stopped off at the hotel owned by the Von Trapps… And who should we run into? Yes, Johannes Von Trapp, the youngest son of Julie Andrews (okay, not Julie’s kid, but the real Maria Von Trapp,  the Nun-Turned-Mom)… Here I am standing at Johannes’ side, with my dear friends, Joan Andrews, who works with the DLF Development Office for American Indian Initiatives, and Col. Brian Rees, M.D., a physician in the Army reserves who is helping to bring TM to soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder…  Anyway, here we are, hanging with Johannes… Von Trapp…. what a wild world.. Thanks for listening, Love, Bobby Von Trapp


  1. Cool. I didn’t know they ended up in Stowe. The movie just shows them escaping into Switzerland. Also cool about the Army doc helping vets with PTSD via TM. They need it so desperately.

    • hi ricky eye oaks!

  2. Bobby von Trapp. Now that’s got a ring to it! Highly brandable.

    • if the season ended today….

  3. Wow! I loved that movie–courageous family. Cool that you got to meet the real Johannes…what a photo op!

    • thanks, kf! br

  4. SOM is my favorite movie of all time! What cool and diverse experiences you have. This blog is fantastic!

  5. Bobby… great blog! Re the soldiers and PTSD: I *know* I have read in the past that the VA would pay for vets to learn TM if prescribed by one of their doctors. Are you aware of such a program on the side of the VA?



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