Posted by: bobroth | March 29, 2010


Salem (Oregon, that is…)

No, this is not a family business… On our way to a morning meeting, we stopped at this namesake supermarket to get some breakfast goodies, including some very old (we couldn’t tell from the clear plastic container) pre-sliced “fresh” fruit… Not sure why I am blogging this, other than, well, it is a coldish Monday morning here in London, and the day has not begun yet so I don’t have anything new to report, but just wanted to say Hi. (The photo was taken BEFORE we ate the fruit!)

Newark (Airport)

Final rest stop before the flight to London on Saturday … (Okay, I promise to only blog more interesting stuff in the future…!)


  1. What’s happening in London?

  2. I don’t either own this supermarket, although my mother’s name was… Roth! (From Hungary)

  3. This might be due to Mayor of Newark Mayor Booker’s efforts to make Newark and our world a better place. Rising star Cory Booker is also vice chair of Michelle Obama’s new Partnership for a Healthy America, an initiative to fight childhood obesity. In addition to being a great politician, Mayor Booker is a strapping vegetarian!

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