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Where he has memorable meetings with a meditating Catholic priest and a meditating Methodist minister

I went to church in Chicago last week—two churches actually—to interview two highly respected Christian leaders, each of whom have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over 30 years. (The interviews will be posted here soon.)

I was raised in the Jewish faith and have experienced how my meditation practice over the past 40 years has enriched my understanding of my own religious tradition.

So I was eager to hear what these two men of the cloth would say about their practice.

Each man was very gracious, setting set aside almost two hours to talk. The time flew by, and I left feeling deeply moved and inspired by the significance of what they had to say. Not surprisingly, that feeling has stayed with me, now several days later.

Both men spoke in glowing terms about their own longtime TM practice, which they emphasized (a) is not religious in nature, (b) does not conflict with their religion, and (c) only enriches their Christian faith. They said they meditate before their morning daily prayers and Scriptural readings because it settles mind, body, and heart—and makes their spiritual life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Here are a few photos from the interviews …

Father Len has been a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago for 42 years—and a TM meditator for 36 years. "TM gives me direct access to that great field of energy that is deep within me—and deep within everyone—and brings me closer to the interiority of my spiritual life."

I enjoyed being in the presence of this wise, energetic, deeply compassionate man.

Reverend Jonathan is a longtime Methodist minister in the Chicago area. He learned TM as a high school science teacher in 1975 at the suggestion of a fellow teacher who meditated. Rev. Jonathan said that his deep experiences of transcendence awoke in him the desire to become a minister, and follow in the footsteps of his father, who was a minister in the Dutch Reform Church.

Rev. Jonathan loves sports (I do, too) and has a quick wit, a contagious passion for his work, and deep scriptural insights into how meditation illuminates Christian tenets...

Conclusion: The whole experience with both Father Len and Reverend Jonathan was completely amazing. I am still processing it all…

I will say more when the videos of the interviews get posted. Until then, thanks for listening,


P.S. And yes, in case you were wondering: We plan to interview Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist religious leaders who meditate, as well. There are lots!

P.P.S. A big thanks to the DLF.TV video crew (Sam Lieb, Amine Kouider, and Sam Johnson) for organizing this video production with, like, zero advance notice.

*Check out the new Transcendental Meditation Blog for more recent interviews including a video of Father Len Dubi speaking about Christianity and Transcendental Meditation.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, Dr. Norman Rosenthal has written a wonderful “Transcendence” book which is well worth reading.


  1. This is beyond wonderful–thank God this is happening!

  2. Thanks for this one Bobby!

    So many Christians feel that there is some sort of conflict between their religion and TM. It is good to see leaders in the Christian faith stating that TM is not a religion and that it enhances their spiritual development because of the calm, restful alertness that it generates.

    “Be still and know that I am God.” Although TM is not a religion it definitely helps me to “be still” and that produces a ground state from which I can commune with God.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful sharing of enlightenment.

  4. Ah…my favorite subject!! this is so great …look forward to the footage
    Thanks!! Gail

  5. I look forward to the videos!

    Great work!


  7. These 2 are real servants of God, people who can see how gaining the simple experience of bliss in the deep silence of one’s own awareness is the clearest way to do on earth what God wants us to do – to be blissful and spread it to everybody and everywhere. And from this bliss all the other good things will come. So simple – and these 2 priests, leaderes in their communities, comprehend it. I’m so happy. Bobby, keep up the good work, and as an Israeli I would like you to soon have here the promised videos with Jewish and Muslim leaders.

  8. I’m excited that the issue is getting discussed!!!!! ‘Looking forward to the video. Thanks much DLF.TV!!

  9. Bobby you are the man! This post is fantastic.

  10. Deeply moving and inspiring. I’m so happy to see two wonderful men of the cloth describing how their TM practice does not conflict with any aspect of their religion…and it doesn’t, of course. Great work. I look forward to interviews with clerics(?) of other faiths. I am presently involved with a project to bring TM to the LDS community here in SLC. So much to be done…so beautiful the results.

  11. This is wonderful… it speaks not only to meditation believers, but reaches a wider audience of the still non believers, in such a loving way. I can’t wait for the other interviews!

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