Posted by: bobroth | February 23, 2010

Tight Shot…

Bobby Answers Your Questions … On Video!

I get a lot of questions about Transcendental Meditation, so I asked my friends at DLF.TV to videotape some answers.

Check out to see how I did.

Here are a few…

• “How does Transcendental Meditation work?

• “How does TM differ from other meditations?

• “Can I learn TM from a book?

• “Why does it cost money?

There are a few more…

A big thanks to Amine, Sam 1, Adam, Sarah, Zach, Sam 2, and Heather of DLF.TV for making this happen…

If you have any more questions you want me to answer, please ask them through this blog site. I will do my best to answer each one as soon as possible… I also have Facebook!

Thanks for watching,



  1. Very good job. I watched all the videos, and found they were informative, yet succinct, therefore, not confusing or boring.

    I have a suggestion. I think if you got a big corporation behind you, you could get it in a lot of schools and work places that need it.

    What I have in mind is Google. They let their employees get free massages on the premises, they let their employees bring their pets to work, they create an environment so people not only want to go to work, but don’t want to leave. I could easily see Google not only using TM for their employees, but partnering with the DLF for getting it in the schools. Just a thought. (And a rather brilliant one if they came on board–no doubt the young people who run Google would love to meet DL and talk to him about this)

  2. Just love this site…what a guy!

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