Posted by: bobroth | February 22, 2010


Meeting the People

David was the honored guest of the Sam Spiegel School for Film & Television in Israel, which booked him in Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv for five solid days of speaking engagements, press conferences, fancy dinners, and signings for his new book, “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity.” Look at the people at this book signing in Tel Aviv. Genuine happiness. David is a guy who reaches people; makes them smile. The only woman who wasn’t particularly pleased in this picture (standing in the middle with her hand on her forehead) was perplexed. She was charged with the impossible task of organizing mobs of fans who had waited for hours to speak a word or two to David, ask for an autograph on his book, and snap a photo on a cell phone. The line spilled out of the store into the street, but David stayed for hours and signed every last book (and DVD cover from “Twin Peaks” and slip of paper and exposed arm).

Meeting the Press

David addresses this packed news conference in Jerusalem, where he answered questions about film, creativity, consciousness, and his foundation’s plan to collaborate with local foundations and philanthropists to turn Jewish and Muslim schools into centers of peace. (Several schools are now participating in the program.) Meditasyon is now also practiced in the Muslim country Turkey.

Before the start of a second day of wall-to-wall public lectures and private meetings in Jerusalem, David sits outside his hotel room, overlooking the Kidron Valley to the Old City, quietly awaiting the arrival of a reporter from Israel’s largest newspaper, Haaretz.

While reporters were waiting to interview David they filled in their time interviewing me about David.


  1. heaven i s descending on Israel,
    heart is flowing over reading this report
    congratulations to David

  2. […] around world with David to film all of his lectures and  Bobby has written about this 2007 tour in his blog. But I am usually holding down the fort i.e. keeping people informed of the next leg of the tour […]

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