Posted by: bobroth | February 5, 2010

Bob Roth Snooty Alert (BRSA)

Your federal snow alert is Orange-ish…

Oh, my… 6:38 am… Last day in Washington, DC if I can getouttahere this afternoon…

There is supposed to be one or two feet of snow today (“HISTORIC DOWNFALL” the WaPo screams)…

DC is notorious for its metropolitan snowfall unpreparedness (“Your federal snow alert is ORANGE-ISH”)… A light dusting sends newscasters into a frenzy, shuts down government offices, spurs worried parents to send their children scurrying under bed frames for safety…  (Who is being snooty here? Me? Well kinda…)

Anyway, today I will meditate with several people I taught a while ago to see that everything is going smoothly. Then I have some down time for a good lunch downtown (nice) and then if the snow is not too bad and the roads have not been shut down indefinitely and I can still plow my way through (Bob Roth Snooty Alert) a reporter friend will give me a tour of CNN headquarters as Wolfe Blitzer broadcasts LIVE FROM THE SITUATION ROOM!

By the way, I forgot to mention in my West Wing blog: There is an actual “Situation Room” in the West Wing… Right across from the Executive Dining Hall. Doors to both were locked.) …

CNN is just two blocks from Union Station (a grand, opulent 102-year-old, beautifully restored statuesque building) where I will catch the Amtrak Acela (the fast one) to Manhattan. But if the snow-build up on the tracks is more than 1/8 (.125) of an inch, panic will ensue and everything will grind/slide to a stand-still (BRSA).

As a precaution, I may try to catch an earlier train and scoot safely up to New York while the get-going is good…

Either way, I will break out my toasty warm bulky down parka this morning and mukluk through the day…

As you can see, not so much worthwhile to say … but thanks for listening…

Your buddy,


PS Oh, and bundle up, you folks out there in Sunnyville, USA. The pictures coming to you LIVE today from Washington on the Weather Channel are gonna be so snowy coooooooold. (That was your final BRSA—for today.)


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