Posted by: bobroth | February 3, 2010

Mehmet and me

Awk photo of the week

A few weeks back, I promised to write more about my visit to the taping of Dr Mehmet Oz’s top rated television show (fittingly named: “The Dr. Oz Show”).

I got busy and just didn’t do it… Sorry. But if I go again, I promise to jot down more thoughts…

In the meanwhile, as evidence I was really there, here is a kinda awk photo of Dr Oz and me in his green room (truth-be-told, the room was NOT green) after his taping…

Before the picture was taken by his wonderful assistant, Diane, she offered me a glass of Dr. Oz’s signature healthy “green drink” made mounds of raw veggies along with gobs of supplements and powders… As my friends will attest, I am a healthy eater… But I must confess… drinking that stuff on a daily basis would take some serious getting used to!

Dr Oz is a great man and a brilliant heart surgeon, who pours his heart out when he tapes each of five-day-a-week shows… We are friends but I think he didn’t mind when I left moments after this photo was taken… (The guy definitely earns his down-time!)


  1. Love these updates!

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