Posted by: bobroth | January 21, 2010

Bobby’s Rant


Been reading the news?


Political posturing and partisan infighting prevail while tens of millions of Americans suffer inhumanely without proper health care.

I have been involved in politics—both on the inside and as an engaged observer—for decades. Maybe it was always so, but these days there seems to be so much to be embarrassed about—and so little promise of foundational change—in our body politic.

One day, hopefully real soon, we, the people, will wake up to the overt manipulation of our lives by drug companies, health care companies, weapons manufacturers, food manufacturers, agrichemical companies, energy companies … _

Consider genetically manipulated foods—a travesty against nature and, if the technologies weren’t so dangerous to people and the environment, a sick, twisted joke. (If you are unaware, Google and read up.) For years, I joined the tens of thousands of people who tried to introduce legislation in Washington to require labeling of genetically engineered foods. But Congress (and the press), fueled by bazillions of dollars in biotech money, merely yawned…

It must be true, as wise seers of social reform have said, the basis of any solution to any political, social, or economic ill is a more awakened “collective consciousness,” a more enlightened electorate—with educated people taking control of their own destinies…

Ironically, in our age of unfathomably super-high technologies, the “technology” to awaken collective consciousness is not available in modern psychology texts, but it can be found in the ancient sciences of consciousness in most every traditional culture…

For real? Yes. And I will have a lot more to say on that later…


  1. I share what you’re telling here, Bobby! And not only by mind but by experience too. I feel the scope of action of politics is more and more reduced. Another kind of action, based on realization and taking concrete suffering in account is perhaps being born.

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