Posted by: bobroth | January 11, 2010

You are Infinite, Unbounded, and Free


Meditation, properly understood and practiced, allows the mind to settle down effortlessly deep within to quieter levels of thought until the quietest, most refined level of thinking is transcended (that means going beyond the field of thought) and you are left alone with your Self… the big Self, the Knower, the Experiencer, You.

And who are you? When you experience your Self you will know for certain … You are infinite, unbounded, eternal… a limitless reservoir of energy, intelligence, and bliss…

The David Lynch Foundation has provided scholarships for over 100,000 at-risk youth (and now men and women in homeless shelters and prisons) to learn Transcendental Meditation, dive within to experience their own inner Self, and transform their lives from within…

By the way, there are real, concrete benefits to transcending—beyond the bliss… Medical schools have been studying the effects for decades. There are dramatic reductions in stress, anxiety, tension, headaches, insomnia, substance abuse… dramatic improvements in creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, innovative thinking…

It’s not magic… It is who we are when we are who we really are, without the heavy baggage of years and decades of built-up stress and fatigue…

The body can throw it off… Learn to meditate, transcend, dive within, and be your Self…

Thanks for listening…



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