Posted by: bobroth | January 7, 2010

Hello from Switzerland

Villars, Switzerland • January 7, 2010 • 6:00 am

Up early to pack and drive down the mountain towards Geneva and beyond … It has been a restful few days, productive, and now back to sea level.

What to say about Swiss food? I am a veggie so that puts a damper on a lot of experimenting in the animal kingdom.

So I found myself resorting (defaulting?) to Swiss Italian favorites … Surprise! Pasta, salads, the usual…

Although yesterday we drove to a restaurant outside of Villars (where we are hiding out, writing) and had Swiss fondue.

A big basket of chunks of fresh white sourdough bread; long narrow forks, and a scalding-hot pot of melted cheeses …

Dip, swirl to cool, and consume.

After packing away a lot a lot a lot of flavorful, pungent cheese mit bread I made a lot of tasteless jokes (again, not so funny but that never dissuades me) about the famed Swiss Fondue Total Body Cleanse Diet… I will work on the marketing angle… and FDA approval… okay enough…

Today, after a brief stop in Geneva, I drive seven hours with John Hagelin to Vlodrop, the small village in the south of Holland—home to Maharishi European Research University—for the annual international meeting of meditation teachers from 100 countries and to talk about the David Lynch Foundation work worldwide.
I will report in from there… after sampling more pungent cheeses (this time, Dutch) … along with healthy helpings of root veggies… carrots, parsnips, and turnips along with a boatload of boiled potatoes and cabbage… Ahhh, for the produce section at Whole Foods.
But I love the travel and appreciate so much the rare experiences, so whiney Bob will sign off for now…

Thanks for listening…


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