Posted by: bobroth | December 21, 2009

Hello from the snowed-in Holiday Inn

Hello from the snowed-in Holiday Inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina.

I flew to Charlotte yesterday afternoon from New York City (I can’t stay away from airports, i suppose, nor hotels) and drove up into the wintery mountains to visit friends, and decompress for a few days, before plunging back into the demands of the David Lynch Foundation in the intensity that is New York.

This is going to be a good new year for David’s foundation:

New programs are already under way in prisons, homeless shelters, after-school clubs, American Indian reservations, veterans groups…

… and in Muslim schools in the Middle East, Catholic schools in Latin America, Buddhist schools in Nepal, Hindu schools in India…

New, randomized control studies are under way on bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, prison rehabilitation, diabetes…

The need is huge: Among young people in the US alone: ten million children are on antidepressant medication. More than four million children have been diagnosed with ADHD. The number three cause of death among teenagers is suicide.

The schools are doing what they can to help these kids—counseling, medication, extra curricular activities, etc.

But budgets are being slashed, educators are facing enormous pressures to leave no child behind—and the crisis continues virtually unabated.

That is where David’s foundation steps in.

For almost five years now, the foundation has offered the Quiet Time/TM program at no cost to schools—and on a voluntary basis to students, teachers, and parents—to support existing wellness/anti-stress programs.

The results have been significant. After one year to evaluate the effects, the schools—as well as the homeless shelters, prisons, American Indian tribes, etc.—all say they want the programs to continue, all say they want the programs to expand …

I have been teaching this meditation for almost 40 years, largely on a voluntary basis. It is satisfying to see this kind of a response and to see these kind of benefits for kids and adults who have had a very tough in life.

You can visit for details, if you want to know more.

Thanks for listening,


PS: Here is a 2-minute video clip from a meditating American Indian high school student

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