Posted by: bobroth | December 11, 2009

JABALPUR, INDIA (First day in the city)

DECEMBER 11 • JABALPUR, INDIA (First day in the city)

Hello from Jabalpur, a lovely middle ground between the pure silence of the Himalayas and the thundering sounds of Delhi and Allahabad.

It is a town unlike any other I have been to in India. David described the feeling as “simple, elegant and very friendly.”

David said the feeling of Jabalpur reminded him of his childhood. This is where Maharishi grew up.

We took a boatride on the holy Narmada river with Girish Varma, who heads of the meditation organization in India.

Girish first met Maharishi with his famlly when he was two years old.

Such beautiful stories–all on video–for the documentary… with spectacular visuals of high marble cliffs as a backdrop.

Last night there was a banquet with city leaders in David’s honor.

David wore a “kurta” top–a radical change from his white shirt and (very dusty) dark blue coat.

Lots of food and a warm feeling. I did not eat. A bit tired and safety first.

I would include photos but the internet is soooo slow… Not a chance of getting through.

This morning we go to a school where 2000 kids meditate. Then a 2-hour drive to the Brahmasthan–the geographical center of India.

There we will see the progress on building a university for 40,000 meditation experts whose focus will be creating peace.

It will be a loooooong day in the car, but very important and colorful for the film.

Each day is like a big unknown. Don’t know who will we meet, what will happen, how we will feel.

I am feeling good. Of course I am not driving (oy) or lugging a camera around for 12 hours a day.

I am just hanging back, making sure we are on some sort of a schedule, making sure David is doing well.

And basically trying to micromanage everyone and everything–a total and complete joke in India.

Love to you all. Bobby

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